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It is a common scene to see hospitals with equipment but non availability of skilled and experienced manpower to operate it. Recruitment Assistance is a tough nut to crack, takes time and need patience. We connect upcoming and existing healthcare providers seeking for people to the required Healthcare Manpower.
These are basically non- advertised jobs, where selection are made from a readily available data base of potential candidates of different functions of the hospital. Godman Medicals  will have the following obligations:

  • - Recording of Client requirement in brief
  • - Provide the Client with suitable Bio-data of Potential candidates as per the requirements of the client as intimated to Integra Ventures from time to time.
  • - Ensure that the potential candidates are given fair and accurate information about the Client and the Client's requirements.
  • - Provide to the Client any information about a potential candidate that is in the knowledge of Integra Ventures and disclosure of which information may  be considered to be relevant to the recruitment process and in the interest of the Client.
  • - Communicate and coordinate between the Client and the potential candidate in fixing the venue, time or such other matters relating to meetings between the Client and potential candidate.
  • - Assist the Client with the Coordination of acceptance of job offers by and between the potential candidate and the Client

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