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Bariatric Surgery in India

In recent times, surgeries for weight loss have become common. Bariatric surgery is basically obesity surgery and other medical procedures done for weight loss. It is associated with different kinds of surgical methods that are carried out on a patient in achieving considerable weight loss. The surgery varies from shrinking the stomach to performing a gastric bypass which is purely based on the needs and condition of the patient.

Bariatric surgeries could be performed on the people with extremely high body mass index, overweight, diabetes patients, obese people who can’t exercise or physically challenged, heart patients with a higher risk level of immediate heart attack, etc. It is also done for people having zero response towards any other means of weight loss like diet, yoga, exercise.

The weight loss is momentous after a suitable Bariatric Surgery. A person can lose around 50% of their initial weight after a suitable Bariatric Surgery. The result of such surgery is usually long term, but the patient should control their food consumption and change their lifestyle as per the physician’s advice to stay away from side effects and any other forthcoming life-threatening complications.

India is among the leading nations in the world that provide all types of available Bariatric Surgeries. Weight loss surgery in India is done with highly advanced laparoscopic techniques in a sophisticated medical facility by skilled surgeons. Bariatric surgery in India is immensely effective and absolutely harmless. The cost of obesity surgery in India is comparatively lower than other medically sound nations like the US and the UK. Wide health insurance facilities are also available to claim and cover the costs of all types of Bariatric Surgery.

How to select the Best surgeon for Bariatric Surgery in India?

  1. - Try gathering information about Bariatric Surgeries. Hospitals that specialize in gastric health. Success rates of such operations. About the surgeons performing them.

  2. Consult a medical tourism consultant and convey them your exact needs regarding your health and choices in taking a Bariatric Surgery

  3. - They will provide suitable options and professional advice for your concerned medical requirements.

  4. - You can choose from these options based on your demands of appropriate hospitals and surgeons and then you can proceed accordingly

  5. - Weight loss surgery in India is performed in multiple hospitals all over the country. These hospitals have finest facilities and equipment that will provide a superior health care throughout your process.

  6. - Obesity surgeons of India are highly skilled, trained and experienced in this field of medicine. The consultant will provide all the information regarding the surgeons and you can choose among them and their available medical centers.

  7. Through that, you can undergo a successful weight loss surgery under the hands of an able obesity surgeon with all the modern facilities at your disposal. 

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