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Advances in Cardiac Surgery

Breakthrough Advances in Cardiac Surgery

The heart is the engine which provides the necessary fuel for our lives. Even a slight uneasiness could be a great concern. Cardiovascular diseases(CVD) have emerged as one of the life-threatening health conditions. The demand for cardiac specialists is high at all times due to multiple complications that comes with CVD.

There are constant reformations in the area of cardiology which has aspired to render better treatment methods for the individuals who need medical relief from their heart conditions.

Medical Tourism in India receives the attention of the globetrotters because India shelters competent cardiac surgery specialists. Heart is not a simple matter to be played with. The years of experience both in surgery and studies have transformed the cardiologists all over the world to approach every case with competency and to-the-point expertise.

One of the most widely heard methods of cardiac surgery is heart bypass surgery . Coronary Artery Bypass surgery is aimed at unblocking the arteries which are partially closed. It is done traditionally through grafting of a healthy vessel near the blocked arteries. Other ways it is achieved through are  heart angioplasty and stent placement. These surgical treatments involve open-heart procedure. Advanced cardiac surgery has opened the doorway to revive patients with weak heart conditions.

Recent Developments In Cardiac Surgeries

  • A developed method of surgery for heart valve problems is Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR). It is a less invasive procedure wherein a replacement valve is sent through a tiny tube called the catheter. This would enable the smooth flow of the blood through the aorta. The success rate of this particular surgery is also high. Compared to open heart surgery, researchers found that the individuals who underwent TAVR surgery showed lower rates of death, stroke and re-hospitalization after 1 year.
  • Another notable intervention in cardiac treatments is robotic assistance. The first robotic heart surgery in India took place in Saifee Hospital in Mumbai. It was a successful surgery in which 'Da Vinci Robot' cleared three blockages from the heart. The robot is the extension of the doctor's expert hands. It gives space for better movement than a human wrist,  a magnified view of the heart and there are lesser blood loss and pain. This particular procedure promises shorter hospital stay, faster recovery and almost a few complications in the future.
  • Minimally invasive heart surgeries are the most preferred in the cardiac ailments. It is suitable for the elderly population and those who suffer from diabetes. It is used as an alternative method of surgery for mitral valve replacement, aortic valve replacement, atrial septal defects and coronary artery bypass. In this surgery, the surgeons do not cut through the breast bone. A small incision is made through the side of the chest, the surgeons operate between the ribs. This particular procedure results in lesser amount of pain and faster recovery.

The developments in cardiac surgeries do not stop here. The future of cardiology is bright. As there would the intervention of Artifical Intelligence and new medicines to tackle complex heart problems. In India, the cost of heart surgeries is lower in India compared to other countries. The healthcare domain is advancing each day. There are healthcare consultants in most countries who can help in finding the best heart treatments when necessary. Traditionally, heart problems seemed to be an inevitable cause of death. And now it is no longer true.

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